Avoka Transact™ 17.10

We have listened to your feedback! Transact 17.10 is our latest release, driving Agile and DevOps best practices to increase speed, quality, and productivity with enhancements throughout the platform.

Transact Manager

Transact Functions

Build and test smaller units of code for enhanced re-use, reasoning, and isolated, reliable testing.

Develop faster with a new streamlined server-side extension model and Fluent Functions that provide:

  • Finer-grained trigger controls, such as triggering on Submit, Save,

    or Update

  • Function chaining support
  • Delivery functions that support real-time delivery but can revert to background delivery in the event of a failure

Continuous Integration (CI) &
SDK Support

Remove the effort and risk inherent in manual deployments.

The improved CI-based testing support enables you to create a definition of what is included in the application package and versioned in Git or another SCM tool.

Your CI tool recognizes changes and can automatically build, test and deploy to environments if tests are passed.


Source Management Control (SCM)

Augment collaborative team development by connecting Maestro to SCM tools. Confidently use SCM techniques like automation, code reviews, branching, and merging in your SCM tool.

Maestro supports Git, and other SCM tools, to manage Maestro project content and package code for use in Git. Use your standard development practices and tools while receiving the extended benefits from the Transact platform.

ID Management

Reduce your development time and the chance for human error with new Maestro IDs and data models. Simplify interactions with the business and development by using your bank’s terminology and a new method of modeling data for domain-driven design.

Semantic Versioning

Enable two teams to work in parallel on more than one application solution. Full semantic versioning across the platform also provides you with consistency.


Custom Milestones

Define your own milestones for the application according to your needs.

Perform comparative analysis based on users reaching specific milestones in the application.

Measure the usage of Avoka Exchange components, their impact on UX, and conversion rates.

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