Effort Score

Is your financial institution unwittingly increasing abandon rates by making it difficult for potential customers to complete digital applications on your website?

The Effort Score is a patent-pending approach for measuring the effort required by a prospect to complete a digital sales transaction, such as a loan application or account opening.

Answer a few questions about the product application you want to test in our two-minute survey.

Step 1: Select Your Product

Determine what product application you would like to analyze first. Don’t worry, you can use the calculator more than once if you would like to analyze multiple products.

To make this easy we recommend you have the application open in another window on your web browser.

Step 2: Answer a Few Questions

The TES Calculator asks a few simple questions about your digital transaction process.

The entire survey takes less than two minutes!

Step 3: Learn Your Score

There’s no long wait period.  You will learn your score instantly.

Additionally, you will be provided with details about how your score was calculated.

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