Avoka Workspaces

Avoka Workspaces is a review and approval tool for banking staff, built to support resolution and customer service for account opening and onboarding.

Avoka Workspaces is a fundamental module of the Avoka Platform, enabling bank staff to review and resolve customer applications and provide customer service. It enhances the bank customer experience and improves banking staff productivity by increasing efficiency and accuracy of the application review process, often a source of onboarding delays and customer dissatisfaction.

Go Digital!

Avoka Workspaces provides a digital workflow for in-bound applications that are not immediately Approved or Declined. It improves the efficiency, accuracy, and speed of the bank application review process by providing bank staff an efficient method of receiving, tracking, organizing, and resolving pended applications.

Improve Customer Experience

Efficient resolution and assistance for customers is an essential part of omnichannel customer acquisition. Improve the quality of customer experience with rapid resolution and communication of pended applications, regardless of what channel they are applying from.
Leverage Avoka Workspaces to create a central workspace for bank staff and tie application review and live customer service directly into the digital account opening process.

Increase Efficiency

Filter and assign applications for review based on criteria such as workloads, decision status, risk, or incomplete application data.

Increase Visibility

With visibility into all the application information at your finger tips, quickly resolve pended applications with a final decision and communicate back to the applicant to increase customer acquisitions and improve customer service.